RELIGN also offers a variety of standard shavers and burrs for superior versatility and convenience.

RELIGN’s shavers and burrs offer maximum performance and durability. RELIGN offers the fastest RPM and oscillation speeds available. With RELIGN resection, surgeons can effectively resect and burr bone, with integrated fluid management.


  • Speed – Highest maximum burr (15,000 RPM) and oscillate (5,000 RPM) speeds on the market
  • Innovation – Resection devices are compatible with Tricera handpiece – no need to use separate system
  • Versatility – Surgeons can effectively resect tissue and burr bone and use any of RELIGN’s All-in-One devices without changing systems
  • Efficiency – System offers automatic suction when devices are activated and on-demand flush feature for increased visibility
  • Control – Surgeon can adjust suction and RPM levels via the handpiece for ultimate control

Standard Shavers and Burrs

RELIGN’s standard shavers and burrs deliver the fastest RPM and oscillation speeds on the market.