RELIGN’s Tricera™ System is an innovative, integrated arthroscopic radiofrequency device, shaver and fluid management system. The intuitive touchscreen display provides a quick and user-friendly setup. RELIGN’s integrated technology consolidates multiple consoles into one, minimizing space, set up and maintenance of multiple systems.


  • Innovation – The first revolutionary advance in combined ablation, resection, and fluid management
  • Efficient – Unparalleled control over the surgical environment – all-in-one controller and devices improve visualization, fluid management, and efficiency
  • Ease of Use – Combined system simplifies set up and maintenance, and reduces need to exchange devices intraoperatively
  • Versatile – Surgeon has tactile control of all device options including mode, speed, suction, RF, and flush

Tricera System Brochure

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Tricera System Instructions Manual

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Tricera System offers multiple modes in one unique system

Tricera Handpiece

The Tricera Handpiece is an integrated bipolar RF Shaver handpiece with an LCD display. This reusable handpiece gives the surgeon exceptional control of the procedure including the ability to adjust modes, settings, motor speed, joint flush, and suction.

The handpiece has a device recognition feature and will automatically adjust the available modes and settings for each device attached. The LCD display clearly displays the mode of operation for the surgeon and changes color when in RF modes for convenience and ease of use.


  • Revolutionary – The first-ever bipolar RF integrated shaver handpiece
  • Innovative – Combination of bipolar RF and mechanical resection redefines arthroscopic procedures
  • Visualization – LCD screen provides visual feedback for mode selected, motor speed, RF power, and suction levels
  • Control – Handpiece controls provide surgeons with tactile and visual functionality, reducing OR staff system management

Tricera Handpiece Instructions for Use

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Tricera Autoclavable Handpiece Instructions for Use

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Tricera Footswitch

The Tricera Footswitch is ergonomically designed and allows the surgeon to adjust the mode and pump, activate coag and ablation, and flush the joint, all with the familiar configuration of the standard yellow activate pedal on the left and blue coag pedal on the right.