RELIGN has developed the Tricera System – a revolutionary All-in-One arthroscopic surgical platform which combines the ability to ablate/coagulate, and resect tissue and bone all while maintaining accurate, consistent fluid management and pressure control.

RELIGN’s All-in-One resection, bone cutting, ablation and Veriflow™ technology is the foundation of the Tricera™ platform. We have integrated this technology into all components of the system:

Tricera Controller

The Tricera System is the first-ever controller which combines ablation, tissue resection, bone cutting, and fluid management into a single platform. The software in the Tricera system simultaneously and harmoniously controls these combined functions to provide a surgeon with ultimate control of the arthroscopic environment. The inflow/outflow fluid management system is incorporated directly into the Tricera Controller and manages fluid pressure with unparalleled accuracy while the surgeon resects, ablates, and coagulates, and removes bone.


The Tricera handpiece is the first ever integrated bipolar RF shaver handpiece. With the quick push of a button, surgeons can move between ablation, resection, and bone cutting modes, giving them optimal control of the procedure. The surgeon can also adjust settings such as speed, RF power, and suction levels, as well as activate flush, offering optimal OR efficiency.

The Tricera handpiece is available in two versions: the OLED screen version that can be sterilized via Hydrogen Peroxide gas sterilization, or an Autoclavable version.


With advanced All-in-One technology, RELIGN has created the first ever:

  • 3-in-1 SHAVER emphasizes soft tissue resection, ablation/coagulation, and bone cutting in one device.
  • Dynamic Ablation devices featuring reciprocating electrodes for aggressive bulk tissue removal with improved visibility and lower joint fluid temperatures.

All-in-One technology allows for unique and cutting-edge device innovation to provide surgeons with the tools they need for quicker and more efficient procedural outcomes.

Dynamic Ablation

Dynamic Ablation™ is a unique and proprietary feature of the Tricera system featuring an active electrode that reciprocates for superior tissue removal. By reciprocating the electrode at 50 times/second, a large area of dense energized plasma is generated using a smaller focused electrode. The result is aggressive bulk tissue removal with superior visibility, and lower temperatures and RF energy requirements.