Dynamic Ablation™ is a unique and proprietary feature of the Dynablator ablation device. Dynamic Ablation features a smaller, active electrode that reciprocates for superior tissue removal. By reciprocating this electrode 50 times per second, a large area of dense energized plasma is generated. The result is aggressive bulk tissue removal with superior visibility and lower joint fluid temperatures.


  • Innovative – Unique, proprietary Dynamic Ablation technology for rapid, bulk tissue removal
  • Efficient – Dynamic Ablation generates a large area of energized plasma using a small reciprocating electrode
  • Versatile – Reciprocating electrode ablates/coagulates and simultaneously resects soft tissue
  • Effective – Large suction window combined with a sharp plasma cutting electrode edge provides superior resection


Reciprocating device and Dynamic Ablation

Dynamic Ablation results in aggressive bulk tissue removal and tissue is removed 7.5 times faster than the leading competitor

Tissue Removal Rate: RELIGN vs. Leading
Competitor Ablation Probes

RELIGN’s Dynablator removes tissue 7.5 times faster
than the leading competitors

In Joint Fluid Temperature Change (°C)
After 1 Minute of Ablation

Temperature increase during ablation was up to 3.6 times
higher for leading competitors than for RELIGN