RELIGN’s patented, integrated Veriflow™ technology optimizes fluid pressure while reducing pressure spikes and troughs. This self-loading inflow/outflow fluid management system utilizes a proprietary algorithm that measures backpressure and joint pressure, resulting in extremely accurate flow and joint pressure. The intuitive system adapts to any sheath/scope manufacturer and provides excellent visualization with consistent joint distension, even when using tapered sheaths.


  • Easy to use – First-ever self-loading inflow/outflow fluid management system which enables one-handed installation
  • Time saving – Prepackaged tubing and cartridge for quick and easy set-up
  • Reliable – Proprietary algorithm measures the backpressure and joint pressure and adapts to any sheath/scope manufacturer, resulting in accurate flow and joint pressure
  • Consistent – Evenly controls pressure without spikes and troughs
  • Dependable – Excellent visualization with consistent joint distension
  • Synchronized – Works in harmony with the resection and ablation functions of the Tricera Controller, enhancing visibility and reliability

Veriflow Fluid Management System